PKR is an online poker website that is dedicated to the playing of online poker. While that in and of itself is nothing particularly impressive, the way in which PKR goes about allowing its players to play online poker is extremely impressive indeed. PKR is a poker website that really represents the future of online poker. This is true even to the point where many of the other websites are attempting to copy what PKR has brought to the table. In order to really and truly understand the ways in which PKR is different from the rest of the online poker industry, there are a few points that must be covered.


The main point of differentiation between PKR and the rest of the poker industry has to be the software that PKR uses. This software was created for the PKR website and for that reason has no clones anywhere else in the business. Contrast this to the major poker networks like Prima Poker, iPoker and OnGame and you will immediately see that having a unique piece of poker software is something that is extremely rare in the online world. Even Party Poker is part of a network that also includes Empire Poker, so unique software is something that is very important for being different.

However, it is not just the uniqueness of the PKR software that is the big deal here, but rather how different the PKR software actually is. Instead of the conventional way of looking at poker software, what PKR did in their construction was to create a piece of software that was as close to the real thing as possible. In other words, their one and only goal in the creation of their software was to create the most realistic poker experience possible within the context of online poker. Three dimensional avatars, extremely intense sounds and staggeringly real looking chip stacks are just part of this presentation that will totally knock your socks off.


One of the major things in PKR’s favor in addition to the software is the fact that they still maintain excellent bonus programs. If you take a look at a PKR bonus code, you will see that the PKR bonus code is good for getting bonus amounts and percentages that are competitive with any other poker site in the business.

While this might not seem like a particularly important point at first glance, further glances should illustrate just how important this point is. Whenever poker sites in the past have added some extra elements to their software or game play, that element has usually cost enough money that the end result was a removal of elements from other sections of the website such as the bonus offerings. With bonuses remaining the same and an overall approach to PKR software that places it well above everything else, the end result is a poker website that is truly once in a lifetime. This is why people continue to flock to PKR Poker on an almost daily basis.