Why you should look for a bonus? A bonus is a free credit which is offer by the websites. Websites offer the credits in many different ways. One of the ways is offering a Bonus code. This bonus code help poker player to get special bonus and rewards.

How to use a bonus code? First of all you should find a bonus code for specific room. There are many websites and blogs which are devotes to poker and other online games. Your job is to go through these websites and find the best one for you. once you get a bonus code of your choice and simply fill the registration form and put the bonus code, thats all.

The most common code offered is sign up code. Sign up code should be entered while signing up in a room. As you will enter the code you will be given the bonus according to the investment amount. Some websites offer a monthly bonus. This is really a great offer. After investing once you will get an increment every month.

Nowadays lots of players are talking about Cake Poker Bonus Code. This is the best code i have ever seen on the internet. By entering this code while your sign up process you will get a 100% bonus. It means that if somebody will invest $100 he will get a bonus of $100.

Why Poker rooms offer bonuses? Every day several poker websites are launched. There is a lot of competition in the gaming market. Bonuses are beneficial for both webmasters and players. The webmaster use bonuses as a promotional method and players get an extra credit for playing.

Cake poker offers a unique Gold card lottery, which is small amount of gold card given every day to all players who plays real money table and tournaments. when you get the card, you can redeem for merchandise, tournaments also you can collect all 52 cards and earn $52,000. You can also earn frequent player points. So the more you make, the bigger rewards you get.

So what you are waiting for? Just go through the websites giving information about bonus codes. Choose the best bonus available and be the part of a gaming community today.

Have you ever heard about the websites which review latest bonuses offered by gaming websites? They can help you a lot in finding an amazing deal online and get some extra cash for yourself and a chance to win 52k when you collect all the Golds.